作为莱西茁壮营养店的老板, a special “shout-out” to Thurston Co EDC and especially Robin Houde for her very patient, 牵手, in helping us to navigate through the (sometimes confusing) application process. With her support we were able to qualify for a grant from the City of Lacey. 也感谢凯莉·珀塞尔的帮助. I want to say that each and every time I called their hotline I was treated like a VIP!


I am so grateful for the assistance from WCWB for helping me to learn how to use QuickBooks for my bookkeeping. 贝斯布朗 is a patient and 知识渊博的 coach and with her help I am learning how to set up my accounts in QuickBooks!  In two Zoom sessions we have gone over how to set up accounts, 如何记录存款和费用, 如何对账, 开发票和记录付款, and how to create financial statements and reports.

I already feel hopeful that I can do this and QuickBooks will totally simplify and improve my bookkeeping and will finally be able to move my accounting from spreadsheets into QuickBooks. 我的会计已经在欢呼了!

非常感谢您的正规网赌软件下载和帮助. 我在为我们的食品银行种植食物, 提供经济适用房, and my tiny business contributes to our local economy thru taxes, 工资, 和购买. It is a real gift to have a coach teaching me to utilize QuickBooks and I truly appreciate this amazing support and assistance!

线 & 斯威夫特有限责任公司

It was a pleasure working with Beth when I was starting my business. I was not sure where to start when it came to my financials and Beth was able to provide a lot of clarity. 我希望在不久的将来能再次与她合作.


我们的餐厅是在2020年夏天开业的, and in addition to the typical obstacles of operating a new restaurant, the pandemic presented us with tremendous challenges.  The WCWB has been instrumental in providing us with coaching 和资源 throughout our journey as new business owners. 

Before we even approached lenders to find financing to open our business, we were able to sit down and speak with industry professionals both in the restaurant and banking world. They pointed us in the right direction to find banks that were willing/able to work with us, which is a significant challenge for startup restaurants.  They also helped us tailor our business plan to include all the necessary and relevant information that those financial institutions needed to give them enough confidence in our vision to approve a loan.  

在今年晚些时候, restaurants were forced to close dining rooms across the country, 这对我们的收入产生了巨大的影响. 在这一点上, the WCWB provided assistance that we badly needed to find grants through the city and state governments, ultimately enabling our restaurant to survive the most difficult set of circumstances we could imagine. 他们甚至开通了热线, where we could call and speak to people that were staying up to date with the ever changing rules, 规定, 和资源.

当我们的第一个纳税季节来临时, it was a daunting prospect to try and navigate it without any prior experience dealing with taxes as business owners.  We then took advantage of a free coaching program, 通过一系列的会议, were able to prepare our financial documents in a way that made it simple to submit them to an accountant. Going through that process also gave us insight into the cash flow of our restaurant, which is a skill that will continue to benefit us indefinitely.

回顾我们开业的第一年, I don't know if we would have been able to make it through if it wasn't for all of the amazing support we received from the WCWB.  Everyone that we have corresponded with has been wonderful. 他们的鼓励, 指导, and services have set us on a path to success and sustainability as a business.  And almost unbelievably, we've never paid a single cent for all of the help they've given us. 对未来的企业家来说, 即使你已经做了一段时间的手术, I can't think of a better way to become a more confident and capable business person.

伊莉斯兰德里 & 亚当•瓦格纳

谢谢你!, WCWB, for the chance to give a big shout-out to the professional, 知识渊博的, encouraging coaches who have helped create my solo-preneural journey.  I would not have wanted to walk this road without them.  They have been accessible and supportive during times when I have felt especially vulnerable; feeling like I should know all of this already.  They build me up with information, resources, expertise, and cheers to KEEP GOING.  

谢谢你,WCWB.  你们的工作以非常有影响力的方式赋予女性权力.  <3


谢谢你! to everyone at the Washington Center for Women in Business (WCWB) for your invaluable help during my business start-up journey! WCWB's free business coaching provided by professionals in the accounting, 法律, 和市场营销领域, 举几个例子, significantly helped me launch and grow my audiobook narration business, AutumnColors作品, 有限责任公司!! WCWB also contributed to the creation of my beautiful, professionally designed business website through a generous grant. WCWB会计教练, 贝斯布朗, shared how her own business took off when she met the one person who connected her with her first business clients and how the referrals keep coming. She encouraged me to be aware and open to when that one person appeared in my life. I am delighted to share I met that one person and wonderful doors continue to open! 再次感谢贝丝, 她的教练, and the entire WCWB organization for helping make my vision a reality!